4/22/2018 - When it Rains, it Glitters!



 Megan is proud to announce that she has officially signed with Glitter Talent Agency!  (For all inquires about auditions and casting, see contact information in the contact & links page!)



3/7/2018 - Much "HIDo" About Nothing & Look Me in the Eyes 


Megan will be performing as Dogberry in Hamlet Isn't Dead's upcoming mainstage, Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing - which opens NEXT WEEK, on March 15th, and will run until March 24th! The show is directed by James Rightmyer Jr., and will be Hamlet Isn't Dead's inaugural production in the beautiful balcony theatre at the renowned Center at West Park, on West 86th and Amsterdam. Tickets are selling very fast with this one - so don't wait! Get your tickets here, and have either the opportunity to reserve your special VIP seat, or use the company's special, "HIDiotic" promo code, HIDIOTS2018, and get your discount tickets, for only $20. If you are looking for a lot of belly laughs, love, and some fantastic, live music, this is the show for you, and not one to be missed.



Last month, Megan also had the pleasure of being a featured actor in The Renaissance Theatre Company's 2018 WinterWorks Festival, Look Me in the Eyes , "...an engaging observation of couples and coupling ... In an informal, 'up close and personal' setting, nine actors, six playwrights, and a poet explore the ways in which we stay together...or don't. Their portrayals range from long-time married partners to others on the brink of commitment, from cherished companions to strangers meeting in a park, from couples united by their fears to those whose insecurities make it difficult to trust." Megan performed in Bill Cosgriff's The Art of Escape,  and Marc Castle's Triple Play, both directed by longtime ARTC resident, Bill Cosgriff. 



8/24/2017 - HENRY V, Producing, and More 


It's been a busy few months, to say the least - or the most!

This past July and August, Megan had the great honor of tackling the role of King Henry V himself, in Hamlet Isn't Dead's summer mainstage production of Shakespeare's HENRY V. This was her first all-female Shakespeare production - and Hamlet Isn't Dead's, no less! 


Due to enthusiastic responses from both the cast and audiences, an all-female summer production may just become the norm for Hamlet Isn't Dead...

In June, Megan was able to step in as an understudy for Kristina Poe's one act play, VICTORY GIRLS (thus reuniting with brilliant director Jill DeArmon)in the 2017 Planet Connections Festival. She had the good fortune of understudying her recent SAHM's CLUB cohort, Jamie Klassel, and working alongside the fierce Margaret Ladd, Leah Raymond, and Valeria A. Avina. 



It was a year-long coming, but this spring was when LILY, a short film that Megan has produced alongside collaborators Scott Brieden and writer/director Anna Loyd Bradshaw, was finally shot, and is now in its post-production phase - with the light at the end of the tunnel just ahead!


To give a brief description, this film is "a story of skewed perceptions, strange reflections, and the struggle of suffering in silence... A story that feels all at once intimate, palpable, and relatable - ‘Lily’ shines a bright, unforgiving light on the silent struggle of someone who never quite feels comfortable in their own skin." To get a more in-depth understanding of what the film is, and what the inspiration was behind it, take a look at the film's campaign video here.  Be on the lookout for festivals premiers and screenings in the near future!


2/16/2017 - SAHM's CLUB at the 2017 NY Frigid Festival!


Megan is about to begin her 2nd stint at the NY Frigid Festival (previous credit being the 2014 world premiere of Ben Clawson's Basic Help, directed by Artem Yatsunov), in a hysterically funny and charmingly blunt one-act play called, SAHM's CLUB, written by Bree O'Connor. What is a "SAHM", exactly? A stay-at-home-mom, of course. And what New Yorker DOESN'T want to witness what happens when all classic prototypes of New York/Brooklyn moms come together om an average day, to watch their kids on the playground? 


"Sometimes a day at the park with your kids is no picnic. SAHM's Club is a dispatch from deep in the Brooklyn Mommy Game, where Free Rangers and Helicopters expose the methods behind their madness and the madness behind their methods."

SAHM's Club is directed by the brilliant Jill DeArmon.

Starring: Megan Greener, *Jamie Klassel, *Nicole Moeller, *Ron Phippen *Kim Rios Lin, and Kaili Y. Turner.

(*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors Equity)

Tickets are $18.00, and can be purchased here

Location: The Kraine Theatre, at 85 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003

2/17 @ 8:30 PM
2/18 @ 1:40 PM
2/20 @ 10:30 PM
3/1 @ 8:50 PM
3/5 @ 3:30 PM


8/30/2016 - A Jammed-Packed Fall & Holiday Season!


Megan is right, smack-dab in her happy place, balancing a few projects all at once - all of which are coming up this season! 

Firstly, Megan will be performing in For Love and Duty Players' annual Shakes-In-A-Day event, in which the lovely Lisa LaGrande (artistic director) and her chosen director choose a Shakespeare play, cast the characters from amongst the New York Shakespeare actor pool exactly one month before the performance (in which the actors hopefully get off-book!), only then to meet, block, and rehearse the play a mere 24 hours before their scheduled performance. And what  is this year's Shakes-In-A-Day event? CYMBELINE, in which Megan will be playing Imogen! Read about the actors' personal, embarrassing stories, and reactions to doing a wacky, 24-hour play in their actors' blog - starting with Megan's interview!

The show will also be partnering with Megan's own Developing Artists Theatre Company as their chosen charity, to help raise funds and awareness for this excellent organization. 


For Love And Duty Players Presents:


Date & Showtime: Sunday, September 18th @ 7:30pm

Location:  WOW Cafe Theatre

59-61 East 4th St. #4

New York, NY 10003
Buy your tickets here!
Megan will also be attending the opening night premiere of feature musical mockumentary, HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN at the 2016 Philly Fringe Festival
For anyone who has not seen the film, but is interested in attending any screenings - especially opening night, if you're looking for a good time with the cast and crew! - view the blurb below:
"Two men create a musical inspired by a news story of a woman sitting in a chicken restaurant for two months after a breakup. A satire of true events, the film takes an outrageous and poignant view of the insane things we do for love and musical theater. Stars Taryn Manning, Diane Guerrero, Suzzanne Douglas, Emma Myles."
View official trailer here.
                                              Hoboken International Film Festival premiere of HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN
The film will have 15 screenings throughout the festival, so if opening night doesn't work for you, you have plenty more chances to experience the next big cult classic! 
Choose your showtime and buy tickets here, and don't miss it!           
Megan has just begun acting as a co-producer for independent short film, LILY, written by HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN director, Anna Loyd Bradshaw. Lily is a simple, beautiful, highly visual story, that frankly shows "skewed perceptions and strange reflections. ‘Lily’ shines a bright, unforgiving light on the silent struggle of someone who never quite feels comfortable in their own skin. With very little dialogue, this highly visual piece focusses on the unfamiliar face in the mirror, the one that nobody else ever sees."
The film has been already beautifuly cast, and the crew is now set to get their hands dirty in budgeting, nailing down locations, SAG agreements, and creating it's crowdfunding campaign.
Updates and behind-the-scenes footage on the making of this film will be consistently available to the public throughout the process. Keep a close eye on this one!
Another feature film is on the way! Megan can finally announce that she has booked a supporting role as Lori, a Hollywood reporter, in the indiependent thriller, THE GOLDEN PHOENIX, written and directed by Ralph Ciardulli. Although she has already shot her first scene within the past week, the film will be on its way to seeking additional crowdfunding in the near future - and plenty more to film! Stay tuned for production updates and information about funding!
Megan has also been cast in the role of Tatum in the new horror-thriller play, FRANK, written by Grant Harris. The play is based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and is about a high school genius who brings his best friend back from the dead, using his own personal lab located in his attic. While the play is a largely updated, John Huston-esque version of the traditional horror story, it also touches on closer, topical (and therefore, more frightening) themes that our country and school systems face, such as the consequences of bullying, and the actions of those who have been pushed too far by their peers.
"In FRANK, playwright Grant Harris explores American male identity and the pathology of retaliatory violence through a familiar B-Horror landscape of grave robbing, reanimation of dead tissue and heartsick teens. When Grant Harris approached director Bree O'Connor about FRANK in late 2015, both artists were interested in understanding what compels young white men to take up arms against their communities without getting mired in an intractable gun debate. FRANK is about the Beast Inside." 
The play is set to be performed in October (what better way to get geared up for Halloween?!) in Brooklyn. Updates about exact location and showtimes will be posted soon! Stay tuned!
As soon as FRANK closes, Megan will imediately be putting on her assistant director hat for Hamlet Isn't Dead's next maintstage production of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE! The show will be directed by David Andrew Laws, and will be what is described as "Mumford & Sons meets 'The Princess Bride'". So, any actor-musicians interested in working with Hamlet Isn't Dead should be warming up their speeches, voices, and instruments, because the story will be a "musical adventure", where love conquers all.  
The show will be an Equity Showcase production, and is set to play in December at the Westbeth Artists Community, in the West Village - just in time for the holidays. (In fact, Chanukah begins on Christmas Day this year - how perfect is that?)  
Stay tuned for exact dates and showtimes.                                                                             

6/29/2016 - Hamlet Isn't Dead's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Opens!

Already with a weekend of previews under its belt, Hamlet Isn't Dead's mainstage production of Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM has gone from "Top Shows for Under $25" and "Tops Shows Closing Soon" (it's only a 1-week run!) to "Trending New Shows - Beyond Broadway" on Show-Score's homepage!

One of many fans said, "See it if you love a good Billy Shakes comedy. If Midsummer wasn't already the funniest Wiliam Shakspeare play, it is now with this rendition & cast. Go! Now!"

And TONIGHT at 8pm is the show's official opening!

If you have not ordered your ticket yet, do so now, because it's an extremely limited run, with limited seating. Tickets are $30 at the door - HOWEVER, if you're on a budget, knock down that ticket price by ordering online ahead of time here, using Hamlet Isn't Dead's promo code, "HIDIOTS2016", and then tickets are only $20. 





5/31/2016 - A Lot More Shakespeare & HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN's Premiere!

It has been a long while since the last update, but only because Megan has been busy, busy, busy, and many things have been in the works - and all will finally come to fruition!


Firstly, mockumentary Happy Yummy Chicken, starring Taryn Manning, Suzanne Douglas, Emma Myles, Diane Guerrero, and more, will finally be having its world premiere at the Hoboken Internatinal Film Festival (in Middletown, NY, oddly enough)! If you find yourself within easy reach of the festival, be sure to catch the screening at the Paramount Theatre on Sunday, June 5th at 6pm. 

Until further notice, further opportunities to see this film will be at the Philadelpia Fringe Festival in September. (More information will come closer to the event.)

For information on the film itself, visit www.happyyummychicken.com, and for sceening and ticket information, check out the film's BroadwayWorld announcement!


                                                                           HYC Poster


In the meantime, Megan has been playing Kate in Taming!Hamlet Isn't Dead's pub-friendly adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew at The Shakespeare, an English-style pub in Midtown East. The show is every Monday, but don't drag your feet! There are only 3 more chances left to see this hilarious, energetic, and timely take on the bawdy and controversial classic. The show also stars fellow HIDiots David Andrew Laws, Travis Klemm, and special guest actor, Robert Gilbert (feaured performer in the RSC's recent King and Country series at BAM, with David Tennant).

So eat, drink, and be merry as the cast dips and dodges around the wait staff - but mainly combines your pie n' pint experience with some great theatre, of course. Be sure to make a reservation, since The Shakespeare's "Garden Room" has limited seating. Showtimes and location are:

The Shakespeare

24 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016

Mondays (June 6th, 13th, & 20th) @ 7pm


Megan has also been slated to play Hermia in Hamlet Isn't Dead's upcoming mainstage production of A Midsummer Night's Dream! "HIDsummer" (as the company affectionately calls it) will be another one of Hamlet Isn't Dead's more musical productions, featuring the musical stylings of a lovable barber shop quartet. Where in the story is this quartet, you ask? You'll just have to come to the show and find out! The cast consists of an exciting mix of resident members, returning friends of HID, and some talented, fresh faces. Don't miss this immersive, playful retelling of one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies!

The show will have a one week run from June 29th - July 2nd, at the West Beth Artists Community in the West Village. Full information on showtimes and tickets can be found here.

                                                                             HIDsummer Poster


Hamlet Isn't Dead's core company members have officially begun the long-awaited shoot of Comedy of Errors, in collaboration with 15-501 Productions. More than half the film is already in the can, with the shooting process coming down the home stretch.

Once the film is ready for next festival season, be sure to be on the lookout for any premiere announcements, and catch Megan as Luciana in the absurd comedy!

2/15/2016 - Workshops, NY-Style Commedia, & REBEL VERSES

Megan has been hard at work in workshops since the new year, one of which was the absolutely eye-opening Audition and Camera Craft Class, taught by LAByrinth co-founder, Gary Perez. This four-part workshop changes EVERYTHING for any actor that finds him/herself in front of the camera, and just could not be recommended highly enough. Mr. Perez works and teaches in both L.A. and New York - so if you happen to find hat he's on currently on your coast - book him NOW, and don't look back! You won't need to.


On a very separate note, in development is the very beginnings of David Andrew Laws' reinvention of what we know as 16th century, Italian commedia dell'arte. Along with Laws a small group of others, Megan is currently helping identify and develop specific modern-day New York archetypes through the eyes of commedia-style clowning! There are a million ways in which this new genre can go, but very bare bones of what has been developed thus far will be unveiled at the Electric Eye Ensemble's Artists Gym Showcase, located at the Access Theatre on Saturday, February 27th, at 8pm.


As we speak, Megan is (and has been) hard at work with the rest of the staff at Developing Artists - the amazing non-profit youth arts organization for whom Megan teaches - in resurracting it's trademark REBEL VERSES youth arts fesitival, and has invited some other of New York's most incredible youth companies to participate! This is a show not to be missed. The festival will run from April 6th - 16th, at EL Barrio's Artspace on East 99th Street, with different acts rotating every night (and an all-out fundraising gala on April 11th)! Book your tickets NOW, because seating is limited, and the place will be packed!

11/12/2015 - Release of HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN Trailer!

HALLELUJAH! The first official trailer for indepedent feature, HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN, has finally been released! This hilarious film, written by Brandon Monokian, features Orange Is the New Black 's Taryn Manning, Emma Myles, & Diane Guerrero, along with Suzzanne Douglas, many absurdly talented fellow Maggie Flanigan and Montclair State Univerisity alums - and of course more! Check out the trailer HERE, and catch some snippets of Megan as (the very special) Mary Sue Harding - i.e. if you hear someone screaming "NIIIIINE!", you've found her - and keep your eye out for the film in the festIval circuit!


Since the closing of the "fabulous" (as the show's brilliant director, Dayle Tawornicky, would call it) and highly successful run of Hamlet Isn't Dead's LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, Megan has been hard at work in rehearsals for the rapidly approaching production of one of the most popular (and perhaps infamous) plays in Neil LaBute's canon, THE SHAPE OF THINGS, directed by Anthony Gusevich. Don't miss Megan reprise her role as Evelyn, alongside Scott Brieden returning as Adam, with Darby Hannon as Jenny, and Sean Kincaid as Phil. Performances will be August 21st - 30th, at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NJ. Don't wait to order tickets - this is another show with a limited run and intimate, in-your-face seating. Don't miss your chance!

                                              TSOT Cover

7/13/2015 - LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST About to Open

After a highly successful and hilarious preview this past weekend, Hamlet Isn't Dead is practically bursting at the seams to open LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST this Thursday (July 16th), at 8pm. Tickets are going fast, and because the seating arrangement is quite intimate (and therefore limited), order your tickets NOW, before it's too late! Who doesn't love a summer rom-com? Especially when it's beyond being adorable, and is actually funny? As in, really, honest-to-God funny?

While you're buying your tickets, take a gander at this interview with Megan from a HID series called Struts and Frets. In this brief interview, Megan talks about playing the Princess of France, her Shakespeare work in general, and some of her own insight of the current role that art plays in today's society. Take a look!

7/6/2015 - Shakespeare's LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST!

Hamlet Isn't Dead's sizzling - yet refereshing - summer production of LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST is only days away from it's preview night, which is this coming up this Saturday, July 11th, at 8pm at the Westbeth Artists Community in the West Village! Be the first to see Megan as the Princess of France in this accoustic, hilariously 90's rom-com take on the classic girls vs. boys story, and spread the word - and see it again! Can't make the preview? Not a problem, you've got 8 chances to see this special event. The first weekend of performances runs Thursday, July 16th - Saturday, July 18th, and the second weekend runs Thursday, July 23rd - Saturday, July 25th. Dont wait! The show is an intimate theatre in the round experience, so seating is quite limited. Get your tickets here! If you have any questions about group discounts, or anything else, feel free to contact Hamlet Isn't Dead, and we'll be sure to get back to you shortly.

                                                                  HID LLL Poster                                       

6/1/2015 - One Film Down, Some More Theatre (and Another Film) to Go!

And we're wrapped! On Brandon Monokian's hilarious feature-length mockumentary, HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN, that is. It was a whirlwind of a shoot, in which the entirety was shot in 6 days. As insane of a schedule that was, the experience was beyond compare. What a talented, funny crew and cast this film has - featuring actors such as Taryn Manning, Emma Myles, and Diane Guerrero of Orange Is the New Black, Suzzanne Douglas (Whitney, How Stella Got Her Groove Back), Julie Fain Lawrence (Concussion), some talented fellow Montclair State University alumni, and more. But as aggressive as the pre-production and filming phases were, the crew has now hit the ground running with post production and editing - ideally making the first-ever premiere of Happy Yummy Chicken to take place as soon as (possibly) sometime this summer. Either way, not to worry, once premiere details start coming to the surface, all will be announced. Just get ready to laugh.

                                                           HYC Poster


As filming for Hamlet Isn't Dead's The Comedy of Errors continues, this week marks the beginning of rehearsals for LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST - directed by the fabulous Dayle Tawornicky - in which Megan will be playing the Princess of France, who leads her witty ladies into a fun battle of the genders against Kind Ferdinand of Navarre, and his dudely comrades. Bring your picnic baskets and blankets! Hamlet Isn't Dead will present the story as a stripped down, silly, summery, and rather musical 90's rom-com that will infuse live music directly into the storyline, featuring accoustic adpatations of some of the 90's best hits, along with original music by up & coming rock and Americana band, Della Grove.

                                                            LLL fb promo

Shows will be at the Westbeth Artists' Community in the West Village, from July 16th - 25th. http://www.hamletisntdead.com/

Official blurbs, promo shots, and online ticket sales are all in development this week - and thus, will be out soon - so be on the look-out!


This upcoming August, Megan will be once more directed by the brillaint Anthony Gusevich in reviving her role as Evelyn - alongside fellow actor Scott Brieden as Adam - in Neil LaBute's THE SHAPE OF THINGS, and will be performing at the beautiful Bergen Performing Arts Center, in Englewood, NJ. Dates are August 21st - 23rd, & 28th - 30th. Showtimes, tickets, and an announcement of the production's full cast, will be all be released within the next coming weeks. 







4/11/2015 - Busy, Busy Spring!


Woof, it's been a while since any updates have been posted here! My sincerest apologies - a lot has been in the works while gearing up for what is already starting to be a busy season. Hear ye, hear ye!


As of this week, Megan is now Co-Company Manager of Developing Artists Theatre Company, along with the indispensible Lianne Becker. The organzation's Artistic Director, Jill DeArmon, and Executive Director, Jinn S. Kim, have big plans, which calls for the core team to buckle down and push even further with its mission. In an effort to gain addtional funding for Developing Artists' 2015 summer program, Megan will be hosting a LIVE STREAM of herself reading as Beatrice in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and Kate in TAMING OF THE SHREW during Facing Page Productions' 3rd annual Company's Marathon (a continual, 4-day long, 24-hour reading marathon of Shakespeare's entire canon, in celebration of his approaching birthday). Both streams will be hosted on YouTube on Tuesday, April 14th, with links that will be provided below for anyone who would like to donate to either Developing Artists, and/or Facing Page Productions - to ensure that these free, annual reading marathons continue in the future! The live stream of Beatrice is scheduled to air at 2:45am (oh yes, you heard right, you night owls out there), and Kate will air the same day at 5:04pm (or... just tune in at 5pm, for safe keeping). **For those interested in watching**: although Facing Pages Productions has been extremely generous in allowing these live streams of the readings; they are meant to be entirely informal and ego-free, with various readers from all walks of life and experience participating (just the way we like it) - so if you're looking for a rehearsed, fully mounted, Globe Theatre-quality reading... this probably will not be it. But who cares?! Who doesn't love bloopers, and watching actors try to cold read great writing on the fly? And while you may or may not catch a glance at two or three fellow Hamlet Isn't Dead members reading alongside Megan (you'll at least hear them!), the camera will only be facing her. So, essesntially, for good, bad, clumsy, hilarious, or anything but - you'll get an up close, exclusive view of Megan participating in a reading... warts, reading stumbles, and all. But it's for a good cause, which is the only thing that matters!


Megan will have a supporting role in developing indie feature film, HAPPY YUMMY CHICKEN - a hilarious mockumentary/musical about two theatrical collaborators creating a musical based on a headlining news story of a depressed young woman who isolates herself in a fried chicken establishment, following a horrid breakup. The film was written by Brandon Monokian, and will be directed by David Andrew Laws, with shooting scheduled to take place in New York and New Jersey in late May. The cast will include an exciting mixture of film/theatre/entertainment veterans such as Suzzanne Douglas, Elaine Bromka, the Village People's Randy Jones, and others, along with many talented up and coming actors. Keep up with the film's news and process through its hysterically yummy facebook and twitter pages!


But that's not all! In the midst of all of this, Hamlet Isn't Dead will venture into unchartered waters with the next play in Shakespeare's canon, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS - by making it into a FILM! The film will be directed by the fantastic Chelsea Lupkin, and will begin filming this month. More updates soon!

2/10/2015 - THE ROAD MOST TAKEN Teaser & Festival Time!

This past weekend, Megan was on location at a gorgeous house in Mendham, NJ, filming a teaser promo for the bawdy, "Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque" independent comedy, THE ROAD MOST TAKEN (directed by Ken Kushner, and produced by Massive Film Project, Inc.). Things are looking very promising so far, but fingers crossed for more developments to move this project forward, and help it to come to full fruition!



It's here! It's here! Valentine's Day weekend is approaching, which we all know obviously means one thing... Yep, you guessed it! The Theatre Project's 2nd annual Think Fast! competition at the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts! (Great guess, well played.) That's right, you only have 3 chances to see Megan, and the brilliant Suzanne Ishee and Brian Parks in Jon Citron's darkly comedic short piece, TEDDY'S RETURN, which is being directed by the equally brilliant Rachel Spaulding. View the poster below for all the information, and don't miss it!  

1/24/2015 - Think Fast!

Megan is thrilled to be finally teaming up with director Rachel Black Spaulding, and actors Suzanne Ishee and Brian Parks as they perform Johnathan Citron's short play, "Teddy's Return", for The Theatre Project's 2nd annual Think Fast One Act Competition! The competition will take place at the Burgdorff Center for the Peforming Arts in Maplewood, NJ, during the weekend of February 13th - 15th. This event will feature short plays by New York and New Jersery playwrights alike, and will include judges, awards, and all of that good, friendly competition, and such.

For all the specifics, and the link to buy tickets, click on the BroadwayWorld announcement here

1/12/2015 - Happy New Year!

Marc Castle's FAIR ROSALINE opened last Friday, and was received beautifully by various members of the ARTC, and the general public! Only 2 more chances to see FAIR ROSALINE as the "curtainriser"for more festival pieces this coming Wednesday, January 14th @ 7:30pm, and on Sunday, January 18th @ 3pm. Get your tickets here!


1/2/2015 - Happy New Year!

A happy and glorious 2015, everyone! Since wrapping up TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE just before Christmas (LAST Christmas, technically - what?!), Megan has been hard at work in rehearsals for Marc Castle's FAIR ROSALINE, alongside fellow actor (and the lovely Rosaline), Cari McHugh, and director David Andrew Laws, who has been breathing fresh, new, trope-worthy, comedic life into the already-charming piece. You have 3 chances to see this "curtain riser" - do you really want to miss your chance of allowing these two silly ladies start off your evening of entertainment?        

(For a slightly better view of the festival's information below, to go the website photo gallery and click on the postcard image located there.)

                                                                                                                                                         Festival show dates & times.            

12/17/2014 - More On TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE, & Other Updates

Luna Stage Company's & StrangeDog Theatre's crazy co-production, TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE, successfully opened and has been cracking up audiences for the past two weeks, and will continue to do so one last time this coming weekend (Thursday, December 18th - Sunday, December 21st). Don't miss your chance! The cast has been performing for packed houses the entire run thus far, and tickets are going especially fast for this final weekend! Quick - order your tickets here!

And if you still feel you need some more convincing of what makes this Christmas show so different from all the rest, take a look at this article by the Star Ledger, naming this production as one of the Top 5 shows to see in New Jersey, along with the likes of NJPAC, and The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey!

Or, have a listen to this podcast, featuring the show's playwright, Ben Clawson, and Luna Stage's artistic director, Cheryl Katz, chatting about it with Valerie Smaldone on "Valerie's New Jersey".

OR, if you need more visual, narrative evidence of what you would be in for - have a look at TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE's teaser trailer, featuring Freddy (played by actor Scott Cagney), and his infamous, unavoidable sweater.


Megan has also joined the ranks with some of New York's most exciting, groundbreaking, and leading artists in a non-profit organization called, I Am Develioping Artists (or, IMDA), whose mission is to, "provide students from culturally diverse backgrounds the opportunity to proclaim themselves as artists". Lead by LAByrinth members Jill DeArmon, Jinn S. Kim, and others, Megan will be working within the administration to help organize a FREE, 12-week session of acting and emsemble-bulding classes for only New York's undiscovered, cream-of-the-crop young artists, ranging in ages of 9 - 17. She will also be helping IMDA organize their famous Rebel Verses Festival in the spring of 2015 - which will feature some of IMDA's current students performing pieces written by selected IMDA alumni, while hosting and collaborting with some of New York's other top youth arts programs (i.e. Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Roundabout Theatre Compnay, etc.), making for one, inspired event to behold - and certainly not one to be missed.

To get a better of idea of what I Am Developing Artists is, what they're about, and how you can help them achieve their upcoming year, visit their website here.


Megan is once more reunited with Cari McHugh in Marc Castle's short piece, FAIR ROSALINE, which was selected for the American Renaissance Theatre Company's upcoming WinterWorks: A Festival of Ones and Twos! This time, however, the unparalleled David Andrew Laws has stepped in to direct (HURRAY!). The three chances to see this piece at the SHOP at Cap21 Studios, on Friday, January 9th @ 7:30pm, Wednesday, January 14th @ 7:30pm, and Sunday, January 18th @ 3pm. 

11/23/2014 - TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE is almost here!


Rehearsals for Ben Clawson's TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE at Luna Stage have been fast and furious (and hilarious), and the show is RAPIDLY approaching! Online ticket sales for the first weekend are already going fast - and Thanksgiving hasn't even officially made an appearance yet! Don't wait - order your tickets here via the official Luna Stage website. In the meantime, to keep everyone's holiday antsiness under control, we have this tasty little "bad mall shot" of our gorgeous cast.

11/3/2014 - TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE begins!


Phew! As of yesterday, Hamlet Isn't Dead's gloriously bloody, Halloween production of Shakespeare's TITUS ANDRONICUS closed, and Megan will soon be in rehearsals for Ben Clawson's hysterical new Christmas play, TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE at Luna Stage. That is, soon as in NEXT WEEK!   




As promised, another official announcement! After the closing of Megan's current production of TITUS ANDRONICUS (which now has officially begun rehearsals!), Megan will be in rehearsals for Ben Clawson's new hilarious holiday play, TILT THE UNLIT CANDLE at Luna Stage! This new play will be apart of Luna's mainstage season (Mr. Clawson's third mainstage show at this theatre - fun fact), and will be performed from December 4th - 21st. As we move along in this year's holiday season, more information will be released on the show itself - but until then, have a look at the basic premise here



Big news, everyone! Megan is thrilled to announce that she has been cast as LAVINIA in Hamlet Isn't Dead's upcoming Halloween production of Shakespeare's TITUS ANDRONICUS. Going with the mantra "Think less, feel more," director David Andrew Laws has conceptualized and pared down the story to a cathartic "90-minute thrill ride". The show will take place at the WOW Cafe Theatre in the East Village, and performs for a special, ONE WEEK ONLY run during the week of Halloween. There are not many chances to see this, and the space has very limited seating, so get your tickets now before the rushes start getting crazy! Find performance and ticket information through the official Hamlet Isn't Dead website. http://www.hamletisntdead.com/

                                                                                                                                        TITUS ANDRONICUS Poster; by Anthony Gusevich


And that's not all! Some more GREAT news coming very soon! 

9/1/2014 - Successful Readings & Hamlet Isn't Dead in TIME OUT! 


Phew! What a weekend of readings! A sincere thank you to all who attented the readings of Guleraana Mir's SHOOTING STAR, and David Andrew Laws' ATTACK! OF THE KILLER MAN FROM THE SUN! Both of these pieces are on fantastic roads, and have earned some fantastic feeback - which, sadly, is not usually the case with most readings; so, being apart of the development of these plays has truly been exciting and an honor.

Two images have been added to the photos gallery, but to see all of pictures from the SHOOTING STAR reading (captured by the piece's excellent director, Dori Robinson), check out Megan's Facebook page!


And some more GREAT news! Or, at least, some great publicity - which, as we all know, automatically makes for great news in theatre. Information about Hamlet Isn't Dead's repertory production of Shaksepare's HENRY VI trilogy (which opens THIS WEDNESDAY, September 3rd) has been featured in TIME OUT New York!!! Megan is not acting in this one, but if you play your cards right, she may the one ushering you to your seat, or selling you a glass of wine. Who knows.

Either way, she highly recommends EVERYONE come see it! To view the TIME OUT mention, and get all of the showtime and ticket information, click here

8/23/2014 - PANTS ON FIRE


As of this morning, Megan just wrapped on the student short film, PANTS ON FIRE, written and directed my Jared Fembleaux and Noelle Gambino! In this film, Megan plays Jeanine, a compulsive liar who sets out to change her life for the better, hopefully using her "talents" as a liar to help others - rather than letting her quirks hold her back. The film is set to hold its first screening in December.

But in the meantime - some hilarious still shots from the shoot are being released!



**Due to scheduling issues, both the date and venue for the reading of Zack Friedman's TRACY'S HOME has been CHANGED!**


It will now be happening on the evening of Sunday, September 7th at the Bridge Theatre in Shetler Studios at 7pm. 


So, so sorry about this change, especially to those who have received personal notices and postcards in the mail stating the original August 25th date. Ignore those. Well... not the name of the play and the writer... or the information about the other two readings. They're all still correct. 


Well... at least this gives more time for preparation!


Of course, if there are any other added details and changes for any of the readings (anything's possible), never fear - they will be immediately noted here in the Newsfeed, and also on Megan's Facebook page. 

8/19/2014 - READING Updates & Confirmations - And staying classy at the Pearl Theatre


Good news, everyone! Why, in fact, it's FANTASTIC news! The time and location for the reading of Zack Friedman's new play, TRACY'S HOME has been confirmed! It will be taking place on Monday, August 25th at 7pm, at the Schapiro Theater (on the Columbia University campus), which is at 605 W. 115th Street (just off the 1 train).


 ** AND DON'T FORGET! Megan has two more staged readings coming up in the days after that, bringing us to the very end of August:


SHOOTING STAR, by Guleraana Mir, will take place at Champion Studios (257 W. 39th St, #14, New York), on Friday, August 29th, at 8pm.


ATTACK! OF THE KILLER MAN FROM THE SUN!, by David Andrew Laws, will be presented by Hamlet Isn't Dead on Sunday, August 31st at WOW Café Theatre (59-61 East 4th Street, New York; 4th floor), at 8pm. 


If you would like to know (or be reminded) of the basic synopsis for these plays, feel free to view them in the previous news entry below this one.


ALSO! Megan will be back in class, and flexing her muscles in a 6-week course at the Pearl Theatre, starting in September! She had the pleasure of understudying with this fantastic company last fall, but this will be her first time attending class at the theatre. The course will specialize in working with Chekhov, Ibsen, Shaw, and Strindberg, and will be taught by resident company member, Dan Daily. 

8/12/2014 - But I'm a college graduate - I thought I was free from Summer Reading!

Well, not that kind of summer reading. Not the kind that requires a book report, or answering critical thinking questions in a 50+ page packet, assigned by a teacher whom you haven't even met yet. Though... I will say that I usually liked what I was asked to read. Yeah, I was that kid.

Sorry, back to the third person grammar, now. Megan is DOING a few readings at the end of the month of August. What better way for an actor to end their summer, than to be directly involved in the development and showcasing of new works that he/she believes in? 


The first reading that can be offically announceed is of a play called, SHOOTING STAR, by visiting British playwright, Guleraana Mir. The subject matter of this play seems to be even more hard-hitting and relevant at this time due to the tragic and untimely loss of the world's beloved Robin Williams - although depression to this extent is an ever-present, relentless disease that effects any and everyone - whether it's directly or by association, privately or publicly. Official blurb is below:

"In 2009 Paul Zolezzi flew from the West Coast of the USA to New York to hang himself in Brooklyn Park. Shooting Star asks the question- if someone is so obsessed with the idea of ending their life, is there anything, or anyone that can make them change their mind?"

Megan will be reading for the role of Paul's wife, Erin; the play will explore the realtionship between Paul and Erin, and how his mental illness eventually lead to the marriage's demise, before Paul's final trip to New York. The reading will take place at Champion Studios (257 W. 39th St, #14, New York), on Friday, August 29th, at 8pm.


Megan was also just given the honor of signing on to be apart of a reading of a similar theme, called, TRACY'S HOME, by Zack Freidman. 

Synopsis: "Tracy returns home after spending six months in The Cartwright House, a mental health facility following a suicide attempt. She is faced with the news that her parents have divorced, her mother is remarrying, and her sisters have not changed at all. Tracy must decide whether to stay home, leave town, return to The Cartwright House, or to give suicide another try."

Location and time will be announced soon, and will most likley be within the last week of August.


On August 31st, Megan will be in a staged reading of a HILARIOUS play, called, ATTACK! OF THE KILLER MAN FROM THE SUN!, by David Andrew Laws. The play is an ingenous, theatrcially staged parody of all deliciously terrible, B-movie Sci-Fi films (is that pharsing redundant?). The play itself has been through a few evolutions since 2008, and thus has had a few readings throughout its existence, locations ranging from Carnegie Mellon, to Stragedog's homebase at Tierney's Tavern in Montclair NJ, to a previous reading in New York last fall. The plans are that this is the final staged reading of the piece, before it becomes a fully mounted production.

Megan will be reading for the role of Susan, the dim-witted and inconveniently forgetul sister-in-law of hero scientist Lou Ion, who with his wife, Anne, and friends, strives to defeat the frightening (?) and terrible Killer Man from the Sun, who wreaks bloody havoc on the earth. 

Perhaps the play will also feature a few Hamlet Isn't Dead members, and a former Montclair State/Maggie Flanigan alumnus/frequent acting partner extraordinaire, Scott Brieden?? PERHAPS! You'll just have to come to the reading to see for yourself!

The reading will take place on Sunday, August 31st at WOW Café Theatre (59-61 East 4th Street, New York), at 8pm. So come on by - have some wine, laugh, and stick around for the talk-back, if you'd like.

                                                                                                         AotKMftS Reading Poster

6/26/2014 - BASIC HELP Opens Tonight at Luna Stage!

So sorry for the lack of updates concerning performance times and ticket information for the return of the incomparable Ben Clawson's newest play, BASIC HELP - information and notices have been consistently streaming on Megan's Facebook page - but here it is! And it starts TONIGHT at 8pm, at the fantastic Luna Stage in West Orange, NJ. If tonight is no good, have no fear; you also have a chance to see it tomorrow night - which will coincidentally be a special night, since it will then be a birthday performance for Megan. That's right, she's workin' on her birthday! (Let's hope she's on her game then... That would just be sad if she had an off-night.) For show and ticket information, click here on the StrangeDog Theatre website: http://www.strangedogtheatre.com/. Hope to see you there!

                                                                                                                                              Basic Help Luna Stage poster

6/2/2014 - NJ Playwrights Festival & LAByrinth Intensive Ensemble

Megan is currently patricipating as an actor in the 2014 NJ Young Playwrights Theatre Festival at Kean University, which showcases readings of short plays, written by a mixture of talented elementary/middle school and high school-aged writers. She has the pleasure of reading alongside BASIC HELP co-star, Gavin Earl Johnson, and some excellent, recent theatre graduates of Kean University - AND to be placed under direction of Artem Yatsunov, Jim Ligon, and Jim DeVivo. Check out the blog that's following the 3-day event, featuring commentary on a particular piece that Megan is currently rehearsing, called, ENTER BANQUO'S GHOST, by Miranda Hoyt-Disick: http://njyoungplaywrights.blogspot.com/.

ALSO - Megan has just officially accepted a staff position at this year's annual Intensive Ensemble, hosted by one of New York's most vital, exciting, impassioned theatrcial groups - the LAByrinth Theatre Company, in Connecticut! Click here for official website for LAByrinth's Intensive Ensemble: http://labyrinthintensiveensemble.weebly.com/.

5/23/2014 - GRIMM WOMEN - Opens TONIGHT at West End Cabaret

Grimm Women opens tonight in the Upper West Side! Get all the performance and admission info from new article, http://www.broadwayworld.com/cabaret/article/GRIMM-WOMEN-by-Brandon-Monokian-Will-Play-the-West-End-Cabaret-Theatre-523-24-20140522#.U39QdJRdXud, and have a listen to a podcast about the show, hosted by the men of Hamlet Isn't Dead, who interview Greener, playwright Brandon Monokian, and actor Hannah Rolfes (Red). http://hamletisntdead.blogspot.com/

5/11/2014 - GRIMM WOMEN - West End Cabaret

Grimm Women is coming up in less than two weeks! The particular actors that Megan has been blessed enough to  work with in this production are so lovable, hilarious, and yet really know how to hit you where it hurts (when necessary). It would be a sincere shame, and even crime, to miss out on watching them work.

Below, you can find the official press release with all the showtime and admission information. Just a head's up - the cabaret room is small and intimate, so if you plan on seeing this, mark it on your calendars now, and GET THERE EARLY - because seats will fill up fast!


5/1/2014 - FAIR ROSALINE & BASIC HELP (NJ Appearance)

This past week, Megan, and actor (and fellow Maggie Flanigan alum) Cari McHugh participated in a reading of Fair Rosalinewritten & directed my Marc Castle, for the American Reainssance Theatre Company. The piece received fantastic feedback, and was referred to as the "the Romeo and Juliet equivalent of what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is to Hamlet" by several ARTC members.

It's BACK! For anyone who missed the NYC world premiere - or for anyone who is dying to see it again - the cast and crew of Ben Clawson's Basic Help is offically announcing its return at LUNA STAGE in West Orange, towards the end of June. Performance dates, times, and ticket information for both venues soon to be announced. 

4/9/2014 - Directing GRIMM WOMEN 

Grimm Women's playwright, Brandon Monokian has officially handed over the next NYC performance of Grimm Women to Megan! That's right, theatre lovers - Megan is directing this one (!!!). There will be a mixture of some pretty Grimm veterans, with a jolt of exciting new blood that will bring some spice to some of Monokian's characters. The perfomance's will be May 23rd & 24th, at The West End Cabaret in the Upper West Side (showtimes and ticket prices soon to be announced). Have a listen to this week's episode of Hamlet Isn't Dead's podcast, "Tales Told By a HIDiot", where hosts David Andrew Laws & Robin Rightmyer speak to Brandon Monokian about Grimm Women and his other works: http://hidccp.blogspot.com/.


3/14/2014 - BASIC HELP Closes (For Now!)

On Sunday, March 9th, Megan and the Stangedog gang closed their overwhlemingly successful run of Basic Help at this year's Frigid New York Festival. During the festival's closing night party, Basic Help was awarded one of the SELLOUT awards! Not... "sellout", as in, "we're a bunch of sellouts with no trace of artisitc or human integrity left in us - high five, guys!", but selloutas in, Basic Help was one of the highest selling pieces in the festival! NOW we can high five!


3/2/2014 - BASIC HELP Now Officially Opened in NYC with Special NJ Appearance!

As of last Friday, Ben Clawson's newest play, Basic Help has officially opened, and is sweeping the 2014 Frigid NY Festival! Both the Strangedog Theatre Co. and the actors themselves have been getting such fantastic responses just from the first 3 perfomances that have occured. Don't miss your chance to see this hilarious and poignant piece. Just for the fun of it - click here to listen to this hysterical podcast where the show's writer and director are inteviewed by the artistic and executive directors of NYC theatre group, Hamlet Isn't Dead  http://hamletisntdead.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-25T21_00_00-08_00 ! Tickets are going fast, and there are only 2 more performances in NYC, so hurry! For tickets, click http://www.frigidnewyork.info/Show/289. HOWEVER - for those who are New Jersey-based, and find it difficult to make it to the East Village - this coming Tuesday, March 4th, at 7:30pm, will be Basic Help's exclusive NJ performance on the upstairs floor of Tierney's Tavern in Montclair, as apart of Strangedog Theatre's annual Beer Battered Play Festival. The evening will also feature a staged reading of a new comedic piece, called, Attack! of the Killer Man From the Sun!, written by Hamlet Isn't Dead's David Andrew Laws. The piece will be read by some of Strangedog's finest resident actors, alongside Basic Help's Gavin Earl Johnson and Megan Greener.

                                                                                                                                                      Basic Help FrigidNY poster 2

1/30/2014 - Frigid New York

Megan is now in rehearsals with Strangedog Theatre Company (reunited once again - huzzah!!) for Ben Clawson's newest play, Basic Help, which will be featured in the 2014 Frigid New York Theatre Festival throughout February and March! The piece also stars Gavin Earl Johnson, and Artem Yatsunov directs. For performance and ticket information, click http://www.frigidnewyork.info/Show/289. The seating is limited, and all festival participants have been informed that ticket sales have hit the ground running - so hurry and order yours now!

                                                                                                                                                     Basic Help FrigidNY poster

12/2013 - Terrence McNally's AND AWAY WE GO

December 21st marked the closing of the world premiere of Terrence McNally's newest play, And Away We Go at the Pearl Theatre (NYC), in which Megan participated as an acting apprentice/understudy for resident company member, Rachel Botchan.